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4th of July Celebration Safety Tips

july 4th fireworks

Fireworks, pools, and bonfires are often part of the festivities on the 4th of July, but these can also be dangerous, so make sure you take the right safety precautions.  Follow these tips to ensure your 4th of July celebration stays safe.

  • Grill / Bonfire: 4th of July parties usually involve children and pets running around. Make sure the grill is out of the way and that children understand to stay away from the grill when it is lit. Build bonfires away from the house or low hanging trees to avoid spreading the fire and once again make sure the children understand not to get too close.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is pretty common at 4th of July celebrations. Make sure to drink responsibly and keep alcohol out of the hands of minors.
  • Fireworks: Fireworks are usually a part of 4th of July parties but if not handled properly, fireworks can cause injuries and fires. The best way to protect your family is not to use any fireworks at home. Attend public fireworks displays, and leave the lighting to the professionals. If fireworks are legal where you live, keep these safety tips in mind provided by the The National Council on Fireworks Safety.
  • Water / Pool Safety: People that host 4th of July parties sometimes have pools open to their guests and if you do have your pool open for the party, make sure that the pool is supervised at all times to avoid the risk of drowning.

As this 4th of July quickly approaches, use these tips to plan out a safe 4th of July celebration that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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