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ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning : Testimonials

Review by J. R., Houston, Texas
April 2, 2018
Damage restoration
Rating 5 5 Star Disaster Restoration rating

To whom it may concern, Please be advised, I am a current customer of your company that has suffered a tragic incident in my home that required the complete remediation, restoration, and renovation of my structure and property. As a woman of fortunate privilege I have patronized service businesses with the highest global standards for customer service and satisfaction. During my traumatic incident your company under the leadership of Daisy Mae was responsible for the remediation, restoration, and preservation of my personal property. On many occasion in my life I have written letters to complain of service deficiencies. For the first time, I am compelled to write a letter of accommodation. Daisy Mae, as a representative of your company, has been an absolute delight to work with. She came into a highly stressful and emotional situation and dealt with my personal property as if it were her own. Daisy Mae respectfully tasked an amazing team of individuals with general like precision and grace. Within a short period of time Daisy Mae and her team were able to catalogue, remove, and deliver my personal belongings into a secure facility for restoration and storage until my home is finished renovation. Of course, quick action is to be expected from a professional in her field however the manner in which she took “charge” and “CARE” is what set her above any standard of customer service I have ever experienced. Thank you for having such an amazing woman in your employ. While this circumstance was definitively tragic Daisy Mae was able to significantly negate the trauma!!!

servicemaster testimonial apr 2018

Packing and Cleaningservicemaster reviews

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by C. M.
August 31, 2018

Thank you for sending such a professional and very well managed team into our home to do an excellent job of packing our belongings and cleaning the entire east side of our home. They were each kind, friendly, patient, helpful and fast!

servicemaster reviewDamage restoration

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by M. B.
August 28, 2018

Wonderful job – couldn’t ask for better service. Thanks.

servicemaster reviewsCleaning

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by E. R.
August 22, 2018

In our opinion this was an excellent crew that was professional and respectful to me and my wife. They must have been your elite and best of the best crew. Thank you.

servicemaster reviewRestoration and Cleaning

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by E. R.
August 18, 2018

Great service! Very satisfied with the work.

Damage restoration

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by R. C.
April 31, 2018

Everything was well done, attention to detail and professional. Highly recommend team and Daisy.

servicemaster review april 2018Damage restoration

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by R. C.
April 31, 2018

Everything was well done, attention to detail and professional. Highly recommend team and Daisy.

Water damage restoration

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by I. M.
March 14, 2018

The SM Techs that came to my home Andrew and Steven were great to work with and were very knowledgeable and came up with a effective drying solution for my home. Also the 1st crew led by Andrew did a good job of cleaning up after cutting the loose Sheetrock and cutting holes in the Sheetrock so that the Sheetrock would dry out. Overall SM did a great job.

servicemaster-houston-review-feb-2018Furniture and house cleaning

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by G. M.
February 28, 2018

I want to thank everyone at ServiceMaster for taking care of me and my house in such a great manner. It has been my pleasure to have Daisy Mae and her crew to take care of my furniture and home 2 times. They are the best.

Damage restoration

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by M. R.
February 23, 2018

There’s not enough space to say all the good things about Daisy Mae’s crew. Of all the contractors, ServiceMaster was the most professional, knowledgeable, courteous, thorough, and punctual of all the groups. Thank you. Sincerely M. & R.

Damage restoration

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by P. R., TX 77345
January 24, 2018

Excellent service. Competent and very thorough.

servicemaster houston review jan 2018

Water damage restoration

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by T. H.
January 10, 2018

I was pleased to find the crew so polite and industrious. The project manager was precise and attentive to detail, and kept me informed. Thank you.

Fire damage restoration review

Fire damage restoration

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by M. M.
January 3, 2018

The crew and customer service level was phenomenal! Beyond expectation! The care and concern they showed was excellent. Very professional and courteous. Highly recommend! More than impressed!!!

Satisfaction with packing move-out

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by H. A.
November 9, 2017

Daisymae –
It was a pleasure working with you and your crew regarding the packing and move out from … You met all our expectations and we would not hesitate recommending you to others. Both my wife and I are planners and value efficiency greatly. Your communication, explanation and understanding of our (sometimes) strange requests was simply outstanding. We never felt like we were being rushed or that what we requested was ridiculous.
Service above and beyond.
We have the upmost confidence in regards to the deep clean and move-in process.
Thank you.

Hurricane damage restoration review

Hurricane damage restoration

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by C. H.
October 5, 2017

Margaret, Bertha, Efren are absolutely fabulous. They worked so hard and helped me so much. I would recommend them to anyone that needs help. Thank you Daisy for coming and accepting the job. I wouldn’t have used anyone else.

servicemaster houston review - sep 2017

Hurricane damage restoration at a large Senior Citizen Condo Complex 

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by R. W.
September 29, 2017

Very pleased with the work to clean the guest suites.

servicemaster houston review sep 2017

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by J. P.
September 13, 2017

Daisey’s crew did perfect job! Everything done well. I’ve never had such good work unpacking & placing back. Wonderful!!

Thank you

testimonial aug 2017

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by J. D.
August 18, 2017

The whole team worked so diligently. My house is so clean, smells good. Everything sparkles. The team is so happy, so pleasant.
Now: This is the best, most important!
Bertha & others are so HONEST, so Truthful! They found a bank envelope with a lot of money and gave it to me carefully. This is impressive. So polite and kind to me.

servicemaster houston review

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by D. S.
July 6, 2017

Many thanks to ServiceMaster for an outstanding job restoring my home. I am so pleased with their professionalism, as well as courteousness, and Daisy Mae turned such a horrible ordeal for me into a positive experience. I will definitely recommend ServiceMaster to anyone in need of your services.

review servicemaster houston

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by M. M.
May 16, 2017

… Ryan Bracewell – is a very Quick, Knowledgeable, Professional, Polite, Customer Service oriented, Ethical, and Honest (from my limited time with him), as Your Customer-client.

Thanks for allowing me to write this well-deserved accolade for Ryan, and please share with him; and for your gracious encouragement of my commendation for Ryan’s work and ethics.

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by J. G.
April 13, 2017

Daisey Mae and her crew; especially Ephram, Margaret, etc. all exceeded my expectations in caring, packing, cleaning and restoring my house to a home! I will use them again whenever I move! They were so respectful, compassionate and professional!

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by J. D., Farmers Adjustor
March 23, 2017

Thank you for everything you guys do. I have never received anything less than exceptional service from you guys. You and Daisy Mae are my go to people and I would be more than happy to let ServiceMaster management know just how great of a job you guys do. Another standout employee you guys have is Ryan Bracewell. I have met him out on a few jobs and he never fails to meet myself and the customer with a friendly smile and personality. I don’t know how this franchise consistently hires such great employees while other ServiceMaster franchises continue to miss badly, but keep up the great work. Please pass this message on to management, or let me know of a contact that I can send a message to. Thanks again for all the hard work. I really do appreciate it.

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by K. M. – Zip Code: 77380
March 17, 2017

I have used ServiceMaster with project manager DaisyMae since 2008. Wouldn’t think of calling anyone else.

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by C. K.
March 15, 2017

Diego and Rudy were extremely polite, thorough and professional. They performed  excellent work, on time and always courteous. Stan Hollibaugh and the entire ServiceMaster team can not come more highly recommended, 1st class team!

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by J. T. – Zip Code: 77070
March 8, 2017
Smoke damage restoration – Performed by Daisy

So thankful for Service Master. They helped us so much and made the process of dealing with smoke damage a lot easier. I’m so thankful for Daisy because she helped us get all of our belongings to our new apt and made sure we were completely satisfied with everything. She actually cares and it made a huge difference for us. As opposed to someone who could have just come into our home, done their job, and left.

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by C. M. – Atascocita, TX
October, 2016
Water damage restoration – Performed by Andrew, Ryan, Scott

Mr. Linabury,
I wanted to let you know what a great experience I have had with ServiceMaster. The courtesy, work, empathy and attention we have received have been outstanding.
While on vacation, we were called by our house sitter and told that our washing machine over flowed. contacted longtime friend, Linda Ray, at Stewart Title. She suggested that I call ServiceMaster to help and gave me the number. I am so glad that I did! Your office immediately set out to help us before our plane even landed. From your receptionist who worked to coordinate the initial visit to the demolition team and the service team, I have been completely satisfied and very impressed.
Andrew Sanchez, particularly, was one of the highlights of this whole experience. He made this bad situation not seem nearly as bad. He calmly explained the processes, what to expect, answered all our questions and worked diligently to get things done. His calm demeanor and kindness made a world of difference for me in such a stressful situation. The demolition crew did a great job and did their best to leave things as neat as possible. Ryan also was great in helping with the process as well. He made many suggestions that definitely helped us in this situation. Scott has promptly been there with boxes whenever we need them to get our things up and out of the mess. We have not had to wait for a response from any of you. The whole team kept the appointments promptly and as expected and answered my questions as they were raised.
Should anyone be in need of your services, I will gladly recommend ServiceMaster and particularly, the Kingwood office. You all have done an outstanding job in helping us get things done so we can get back to normal.
C. M.

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by N. R. – Houston, TX
March, 2016
Fire damage restoration – Performed by Daisy

Dear Brad,
Please thank Daisy Mae Sheker and her team for all their help. Daisy Mae ensured the packing, moving, storage, and reporting was handled without error, with care, and to the very last detail. She and her team treated me with respect and compassion during this time of crisis. Daisy Mae remained communicative and responsive. Her memory is impeccable and her timing is punctual. Her breadth of knowledge proved to be invaluable. She and her team were an amazing help. I could not have survived the aftermath of the fire without them.

Kind regards,
N. R.

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by R. S. – College Station, TX 
February, 2016

Terrific service; fast response; clear communication for every step of the process. Would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs their services. Really appreciate everything they did.

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by C. & J. – Houston, TX
January, 2016
Furniture and carpet cleaning – Performed by Daisy

Dear Daisy,
We just want to take a few moments to complement your workmanship in our apartment at the St. James Highrise. You and your group sanitized and deodorized our furniture and particularly the rugs and carpeting with great care. Please use us as a complete and satisfied client and want to complement your work with great satisfaction.
C. & J.

servicemaster review

Rating: 5 Star Cleaning Rating, Review by J. H. – Houston, TX
January 14, 2016 
Upholstery Cleaning – Performed by Daisy & Efrin

Dear ServiceMaster,
I was very pleased with the cleaning of my couch upholstery. Daisy Mae came and examined the fabric beforehand. I appreciated her professionalism and desire to “get it right.” Efrin did a great job of cleaning. Both were delightful to work with!