Hurricane Harvey Houston flooding

Important Steps to Recover from Flooding

Floods are major disasters that occur all over the world. Rushing waters can seep into a home without warning or may be predicted by local officials well ahead. Whether the flooding is manmade or due to natural causes, property owners should take important steps to recover from the flood damage.

COVID-19: Reopening for Business

COVID-19: Reopening for Business Disinfection Checklist

As America gradually reopens in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses and offices are preparing workspaces for the reintroduction of staff. A disinfection checklist should be in place to protect the health of employees and customers now and in the near future.

Disinfection Services - ServiceMaster in Houston, TX

Infectious Diseases Control and Prevention

Protecting employees from exposure to viruses that result in infectious diseases, including the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19, and controlling their spread can be achieved by following established health safety guidelines. The following are control strategies and prevention methods to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

Appliances Leak

Restoration Services When Your Appliances Leak

If one of your household appliances is leaking, then you need to act promptly to limit the amount of damage done. While the leak may start out as a small problem, the leak, if unaddressed, will continue to drip water and eventually cause it to accumulate. If the leak is severe enough, then your property can become flooded quickly. Continue reading for tips on what to do if your home’s appliances leak.