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Natural disasters make homeowners and business owners nervous because there is no telling what kind of property damage they may experience.  A range of disasters including storms, fires, floods, and accidents can result in extensive structural damage to a home or building that will require the damaged areas to be rebuilt.  Regardless of what caused the damage, it is important to call a professional immediately to help secure the building and begin the reconstruction process.

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ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning provides complete reconstruction services to help stabilize and rebuild homes and commercial buildings in the Houston, TX area that have sustained serious damage.  Our staff includes highly trained technicians and project managers who can effectively secure your building and carry out a step by step construction plan to get your property rebuilt to its previous condition.

Dealing with Major Property Damage

As mentioned above, just about any natural disaster can be severe enough to cause major structural damage to your property.  Encountering this type of damage is very overwhelming as you may not know where to begin with the recovery.  You may also have to make the decision to leave your home temporarily or suspend business operations while the reconstruction work is taking place.  This can be a major inconvenience in your daily life and in the case of businesses, suspending operations can result in a bigger financial loss.

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Calling the right professionals immediately after a major disaster can help limit the damage and the time your home or business will be out of commission.  Our technicians at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning will stabilize your home to prevent further damage and do a full inspection to create a thorough and effective reconstruction plan.  A project manager will be in charge of implementing the plan and making sure that every step is done properly and on time.  The project manager will also be available throughout the project so you can ask questions and approach them for updates.

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Our reconstruction services cover the following:

  • Initial inspection of the damage
  • Planning and scheduling of every step of the project
  • Estimates for the work
  • Securing of permits and licenses
  • Complete reconstruction including:
    • Controlled demolition
    • Consultation and design
    • Roof repair
    • Remodeling
    • Plumbing
    • Carpentry and framing
    • Carpet and flooring

Experiencing major damage to your home or business is a frustrating and overwhelming experience but calling our professionals for reconstruction services will give you back some peace of mind.  Our technicians at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning are committed to providing efficient, high quality reconstruction services to get your home or building back to its original condition.  You can call us 24 hours a day at (800) 303-5844 to provide emergency reconstruction services in the Houston, TX area. We work with insurance.