DIY Mold Removal – Should It Be Attempted?

mold on wall

Mold infestations can be expensive to clean up, making a DIY mold removal project alluring. However, homeowners should be aware of the many dangers that accompany amateur mold removal. In short, an extensive mold problem is best handled by professional mold remediation experts.

Residential homes and commercial properties are vulnerable to mold growth. The miniscule spores require little to thrive, just constant moisture, an organic food source, and oxygen. Leaks in the roof or around windows can trigger a mold explosion, as can damp clothes, drywall, and wood.

While eradicating large mold colonies should be assigned to mold cleanup pros, homeowners can safely tackle cleaning up small patches of the spores. Generally, ten square feet can be removed with a combination of bleach, water, and an ample amount of elbow grease.

It is not advised that homeowners attempt to clean a household space contaminated by a larger sized mold infestation. An effective mold remediation plan requires experience, skill, and safety equipment – most of which the average homeowner lacks. The following are reasons to avoid DIY mold removal.


  1. Professionals repair the moisture source

Mold spores thrive in moist environments. While a homeowner can scrub away minor cases of mold, she will not eradicate the problem without fixing the moisture source. Without treating the root cause of the mold growth, the spores will promptly return.

Professional mold remediation experts are successful because they work in stages. Technicians first diagnose the cause, eliminate all traces of mold, and test air quality. Reputable mold cleanup companies will also repair the moisture source, preventing a further influx of spores from taking hold.


  1. Professionals clean hidden mold

Wiping away visible mold may provide homeowners with temporary relief. But the infestation will return if the mold grows in concealed places, like behind the walls or under wallpaper. The spores left behind will multiply and continue to spread, leaving homeowners with a relentless case of mold.

Mold cleanup pros have the tools to accurately determine the size and scope of the mold problem. Using infrared or thermal inspections, the experts locate moisture accumulations in hidden areas. Pinpointing moisture is an important step toward finding and removing mold growth.


  1. Pros use professional equipment

Homeowners unskilled in mold removal impulsively wipe away mold splotches. In doing so, they inadvertently release even more mold spores into the air, immediately worsening the problem. These airborne spores land on damp surfaces, multiply rapidly, and destroy indoor air quality.

Mold cleanup experts, however, protect the cleanliness of indoor air by using proper equipment. HEPA filters are essential during the mold removal process. These sophisticated air filtration systems create negative air pressure and effectively keep contaminants outside of the home.


  1. Pros prevent HVAC system contamination

As homeowners clean up the mold, the spores are dispersed throughout the air. When spores land in the HVAC system and it is turned on, the mold spreads quickly throughout the entire home. Pros, however, are equipped with the skill and knowledge to inspect the ducts and resolve the issue.


  1. Pros reduce health problems

mold allergy

Mold Allergy

Mold spores are known to aggravate health conditions in vulnerable individuals. People who are allergic to mold, plus those suffering from asthma, chronic lung disease, or a compromised immune system, will experience health problems when they breathe in the mold.

DIY mold removal exposes the home’s occupants to larger amounts of mold. Mold cleanup pros effectively seal off the contaminated areas and prevent further spores from being unleashed into the air. Plus, they properly dispose of contaminated materials, ensuring both health and safety.


  1. Pros use safe cleaners and tactics

Bleach or other harsh chemicals used to clean mold release toxins into the air. Homeowners will be exposed to the chemical fumes for prolonged periods during the cleanup—which is unsafe. Experts, however, adequately ventilate the affected areas during mold remediation and prevent ill health.

Experienced mold cleanup technicians also wear the necessary protective gear while working to eliminate the flood of mold colonies inside the property. Wearing non-porous gloves, protective eyewear, and a respiratory mask are critical to avoid getting sick from mold exposure.


  1. Pros identify different mold types

Certain types of mold species are more prevalent indoors. Common indoor molds that are found growing inside residential homes include Cladosporium, Penicillium and Aspergillus. Homeowners may even be familiar with the notorious toxic black mold, otherwise known as Stachybotrys chartarum.

Although hundreds of thousands of mold species exist, it is important to know which type of mold has infiltrated the home. Mold cleanup experts are able to differentiate between different types of molds. This initial step is important, since specific molds require different cleanup methods.


ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning

Mold Remediation in Humble, TXThe above reasons should urge homeowners to consult a licensed mold remediation company, like ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning. Our mold cleanup services are comprehensive. We also complete the cleanup safely and swiftly so that you can enjoy your home without further delay.

ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning technicians are qualified and experienced in all aspects of mold remediation. We arrive onsite to assess the extent of mold damage. Specialists perform a full inspection and conduct a moisture assessment. Temporary storage is offered for damaged possessions.

Upon sealing the contaminated areas, our mold cleanup technicians remove all moldy materials and contents. We also locate the moisture source and repair it to prevent the mold from returning. Our skilled specialists sanitize the property, apply an antimicrobial, and test the quality of air.

Do not delay calling ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning when mold is found in your home or business. Mold will rapidly destroy building materials, compromising their structural integrity. Plus, occupants will experience a range of unwanted health issues when exposed to mold.

ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning is trusted by countless satisfied home and business owners in Houston, Texas, and its surrounding communities. Our mission is to resolve mold crises. When you are faced with a mold problem of any size, contact us for immediate and effective mold removal.