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Mold spores are great for making cheese or sourdough bread, but when they grow on your walls or furniture, they’re a recipe for trouble. Mold occurs naturally in the air and feeds from common household items like drywall, wood, and paper. That’s why it grows so quickly after exposure to water. Once the growth begins, it continues to spread until remediation is completed. If it gets into walls, it can spread undetected to other parts of the building. Some people don’t know they have mold in their homes until they schedule a doctor’s appointment for a cold they can’t shake. The technicians at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning are certified by the State of Texas to offer comprehensive mold remediation services to homes and businesses in East Montgomery County, TX. We use only state of the art techniques and equipment to find mold, even in hidden places, and eradicate all traces of it.

House Bill 329 gives the Texas Department of State Health Services regulatory powers over mold removal service providers. This protects homeowners and property owners from companies that charge high prices and offer poor services. Any company that provides mold remediation in Texas must be licensed by the state and follow the guidelines outlined in the bill. ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning is licensed by the State of Texas to offer mold remediation services and we make sure we follow the guidelines set forth by House Bill 329 at all times.

Mold Remediation for East Montgomery County, TX

Mold grows quickly because the spores are always present in the air and feed on common household surfaces like drywall, paper, and wood. All they need is moisture and as soon as it appears, the spores begin to grow and damage the host surfaces. Over time, the surfaces weaken and rot and can even collapse. These spores do more than cause property damage; they aggravate lungs and eyes and make allergies worse, so it’s important to call for restoration at the first sign, before the property damage becomes permanent and before symptoms of mold exposure occur.

ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning’s comprehensive Mold Damage Restoration includes:

  • Assessment of the situation and development of a remediation protocol with a Mold Assessment Consultant;
  • Content cleaning and pack-out services for damaged items;
  • Removal of heavily damaged surfaces;
  • Air quality control during the remediation process;
  • Applications of antimicrobials and disinfectants;
  • Final inspection by the Mold Assessment Consultant.

It’s vital to act quickly at the first sign of mold. Left untreated, it will spread further through the building, causing damage to property and health. It’s too difficult and dangerous to clean by yourself, so let the trained professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning develop a comprehensive mold remediation plan that will find and eradicate all traces of it. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (800) 303-5844 for emergency mold remediation services.

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