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Emergency Response Plan for Businesses

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The biggest problem with natural disasters is that they occur unexpectedly, and if you are not prepared, you may experience significant damage to your property.  This can be a major problem for businesses as large losses can cost a lot of money to repair property damage and replace damaged items and equipment.  Your business may also be forced to suspend operations for a period of time while the property is restored.

The best thing your business can do is have a plan in place for the worst possible disasters so that you are prepared to respond when a disaster does occur. We at ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning know how important this is and that is why we are pleased to offer you our highly customized Emergency Response Plan, free of charge.

Our Emergency Response Plan helps you to identify and address the following:

  • How exposed is your business?
  • What areas are at the most risk?
  • Do you have an up-to-date employee roster with the correct contact information in a safe place?
  • Do you have a list of all your emergency contacts?
  • Do you have a list of all your vendors and suppliers?
  • Is your business financially stable enough to survive a natural disaster?
  • Does your insurance cover all possible natural disaster scenarios?
  • Do you have a contingency plan for continuing business operations if your building becomes heavily damaged?
  • Are there emergency procedures unique to your type of business?

Stay a step ahead with our Emergency Response Plan.

SRM emergency plan

This no cost plan allows you to take a proactive approach to plan for and respond to a variety of events that could have a significant impact on your business, facility, employees and customers. We will assist you in the development of this plan and train you on how to maximize this tool within your organization. We are ServiceMaster Recovery Management, your expert partner in disaster recovery and preparation.