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Flood Preparedness Tips and Safety Information

Hurricane Harvey Houston flooding

Hurricane and flood season is here. Are you prepared?

Check out the below infographic and articles with useful information and safety tips.

Flood Preparedness Guide from B-AIR

flood preparedness guide

Keeping Ahead Of Floods

Keeping Ahead of Floods

Floods can occur in virtually any location, and come without warning. Causes of floods range from natural occurrences to manmade circumstances like leaks and overflows. Without proper preparation, the damage to your property can be devastating. Thankfully, there are methods for detecting the potential for a flood before one takes place; giving you ample time to take action and relocate to a safer place.
How To Handle The Flood Insurance Claims Process

How to Handle the Flood Insurance Claims Process

Indoor flooding is the most common type of disaster that people experience in their homes.  There are many factors that can cause indoor flooding including weather conditions such as floods…
Flash Floods – Safety TIps

Flash Floods – Safety TIps

What is a Flash Flood? The term flash flood is used to describe rapid flooding of geomorphic low-lying areas such as washes, rivers, dry lakes and basins. This can be…