Flood Safety – How To Check For Home Flooding

servicemaster flood safety video

When flooding occurs, our first concern is the inside of our home — but what about the outside? Next time you suspect a leak, try checking these common flooding areas – watch the video.


How to inspect the outside of your home for water leaks:

1 – check your water meter. If it’s spinning all the time, that is a sign of water leak somewhere in your home.

2 – check your main shut-off valve. Usually it is in front of the house by the street. Make sure it is closing properly.

3 – walk around and check all faucets making sure there are no leaking faucets.

4 – another cause for home flooding are rain gutters, especially clogged ones. Make to sure to inspect often and clean your gutters when needed.

5 – check your sprinkler system. Look for bad irrigation and faulty sprinkler heads. Replace the heads if needed and you should be safe.

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