Mold Damage DOs and DON’Ts

black mold

Mold Damage

Mold can be a very troubling sight in a home or a building because of the widespread damage it can cause as well as the possible health risks from exposure.  It commonly appears as a result of water damage as mold typically grows within 48 hours of sustaining significant water damage if it is not removed.  For almost all mold cases, it is recommended to hire a mold remediation professional to handle the cleanup and removal because attempting to clean mold yourself can be hazardous to your health and may actually cause the mold to release its spores.  A certified professional also has the means to test for mold and discover hidden mold growth.  However, once you contact a professional to provide mold removal, you can follow these tips as you await their arrival.

mold free home

Mold free home

What to Do After Mold

  • Immediately call a mold remediation service provider.
  • Try to repair the source of the moisture and wipe off the moisture from wet surfaces.
  • Open up the doors and windows of your home to let in fresh air.
  • Reduce the humidity level by running a dehumidifier or air conditioner.
  • Shut off your heating and cooling.
  • Try your best to avoid affected areas.

What Not to Do After Mold

  • Do not try to remove mold yourself because disturbing the mold could cause it to release it spores which will cause mold growth in other unaffected areas.
  • Do not cover surfaces affected by mold growth with paint or caulk.
  • Do not run a fan over surfaces affected by mold growth because this could blow mold spores into other areas of your home.
  • Do not use bleach or other powerful cleaners to remove mold because dead mold spores can also have a negative effect to your health.

If you find mold in your home or building in Houston TX, or the surrounding areas, make sure you contact ServiceMaster immediately for mold remediation services.  We not only have the right equipment to completely remove mold growth, but we also use advanced testing equipment that can help us locate and remove hidden mold growth.  After calling our professionals for mold cleanup, following the tips listed above will help reduce some of the damage and keep you safe from the negative health effects associated with mold.  You can reach us anytime at (800) 303-5844.