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Furnace Fire

Furnace Fires – Causes and Prevention

When you educate yourself on how furnace fires start, then you can also be aware of how to prevent them from occurring. Continue reading to learn more about furnace fires, the top causes for these fires, and how to prevent them.


Damage Caused by Lightning and Storms

Did you know lightning strikes the United States at least 30 million times each year? Due to the severity and frequency of storms, they can cause irreversible fire damage. Many of these storms are also associated with tornadoes and hail.

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Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

While there surely is no stopping any hurricane, simple steps can save thousands of dollars in hurricane recovery costs and as much of your building and personal items as possible. Check out these tips.

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Smoke Damage – Types and Health Hazards

In general, smoke is harmful to human and pet health. Smoke damage, however, can be categorized into four types. Each of these four types of smoke damage is caused by different scenarios, such as the type of fuel burned, location and temperature of the flames.

Tornado and Hurricane Damage Repair for Houston, TX

Technology and Gadgets to Keep You Safe during a Storm

Storms are powerful natural forces. Hurricanes are the strongest type of storms on earth. Yet, even less intimidating storms can cause severe structural damage and threaten individuals’ safety. When massive storms hit, these ten useful gadgets and technology tips will help preserve safety.

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Dealing with The Aftermath of Water Damage

Water damage can be an understandably overwhelming situation, but it is important that you deal with the aftermath of it as soon as possible. Not only will the damage worsen with time, but it will also encourage the potential for mold growth. Use the following information to help your property recover in the aftermath of water damage.

Water Damage

How to Dry Walls Better After a Water Leak

As water damage worsens over time, there is also the threat of mold growth on the wet materials. In the presence of excess moisture or water damage, the natural mold spores in the air will accumulate within the wet area and begin feeding on the affected material. This is why it’s critical to have it dried out as quickly as possible. The following is information on how long it takes wet drywall to dry, what to account for, and how to more effectively dry the drywall.

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How to Limit Water Damage If Your Home Floods

Water damage emergencies are a common catastrophe. Approximately 14,000 homes and businesses undergo some form of water damage each day. The key to overcoming the destruction is quick action from the property owner. Here are ways to limit water damage if a home undergoes a flood.