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Maintaining a workplace that is clean and sanitary is crucial for ensuring your employees’ productivity and health. With the continued spread of the coronavirus in the United States, cleanliness is even more important for keeping employees and their families healthy. Every state has been affected by COVID-19, so property managers and business owners in the Southwest Houston area must take the necessary actions to protect their workers, customers, and visitors. Commercial cleaning and disinfection services are a great way to help limit the spread of the coronavirus and other illnesses.

Contact us at (800) 303-5844 for return-to-work cleaning and disinfection for businesses if your property experiences a coronavirus outbreak.

  • Trained infection control technicians will conduct CDC-recommended cleaning and disinfection services.
  • For everyone’s protection, employees are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • We use botanical disinfectant products that are on the CDC/EPA list N, which are safe and effective for a majority of surfaces.
  • Our services are available on a scheduled and an emergency basis.

ServiceMaster Southwest Houston offers preventive cleaning and disinfection services for commercial properties to assist with stopping the spread of coronavirus. Using the best disinfectants and cleaning products available, our technicians will sanitize and clean high-touch point areas and kill germs that cause coronavirus among other illnesses.

What is the Coronavirus?

Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a respiratory infection that is spread by the community, transmitted from person to person. It can take anywhere between 2 to 14 days for symptoms to be evident. Its primary symptoms include fever, coughing, chills, and shortness of breath. Symptoms can be especially severe for seniors and those with pre-existing conditions or compromised immune systems.

Read the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)’s coronavirus guide to learn more about the virus and its symptoms.

ServiceMaster Commercial Disinfection - Southwest Houston Commercial Cleaning and Disinfection Services

Commercial cleaning and disinfection services can help your employees, customers, visitors, and others in your commercial space stay safe from COVID-19. Within our disinfection services, we decontaminate exposed spaces, and we also eliminate germs that cause coronavirus and other illnesses. To clean materials and surfaces, our staff uses only EPA-registered disinfectants and cleaning products. Additionally, we wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect ourselves while cleaning your workspace.

While providing cleaning and disinfection services, our staff will abide by CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. We address every high-touch point surface and object, and we clean and decontaminate all sections of the property.

The following are included within our preventative cleaning and infection control, disinfection, and decontamination services:

  • We will neutralize airborne viral particles and treat air spaces with our advanced cleaning products and equipment. This is done as a precautionary measure, to eliminate airborne pathogens.
  • High-touch point objects are cleaned and disinfected. This includes but is not limited to light switches, door handles, computers, keyboards, phones, desks, chairs, countertops, and bathroom fixtures among other things.
  • We fog the building with a broad-spectrum biocide to ensure the area is effectively decontaminated.

The following commercial spaces are among those we can sanitize and disinfect:

  • Childcare facilities
  • Schools and universities
  • Offices and other commercial workspaces
  • Assisted living facilities and nursing homes
  • Fitness centers and gyms
  • Other public buildings

To help prevent coronavirus from spreading in your workplace, take the following actions:

  • Require anyone who’s ill or exhibiting symptoms to stay at home and not come into work. If permissible, let them work from home. Furthermore, offering paid sick days adds incentive for employees to stay home when potentially sick.
  • Make sure there is hand sanitizer readily available for employees to use at work.
  • Hang up signs and instructions regarding proper hand washing as well as messaging that encourages hand washing.
  • Have a discussion with staff regarding social distancing. Emphasize that you should keep at least 6 feet from one another, should avoid physical contact, and should not be sharing supplies.

For more help on how to stop the spread of coronavirus, consult the CDC’s coronavirus guide.

Contact ServiceMaster for Commercial Cleaning, Disinfection, and Decontamination

With help from our commercial cleaning and disinfection services, you can be proactive in stopping the spread of coronavirus within your office or building. Call (800) 303-5844 to reach ServiceMaster Southwest Houston if your commercial property could benefit from preventive cleaning and disinfection.

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