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The damage caused by natural disasters such as fires, floods, storms, and mold is very difficult to contain.  This means that when a disaster strikes, it is almost inevitable that your personal belongings will get caught up in the damage.  Dealing with the aftermath of a disaster is tough enough but finding your personal belongings damaged as well can make the situation much more frustrating.  Fortunately, many of your personal items can be effectively cleaned and restored as part of the restoration process.  ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning provides content cleaning and pack-out services as part of our restoration services in Houston, TX.  Our technicians can effectively clean and restore a wide range of damaged personal items, and we can also provide storage for your items if necessary at our facility.

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Content Cleaning and Restoration

Many of the personal items that people keep in their homes, including electronics, jewelry, clothing, artwork, and decorative items, are vulnerable to considerable damage from water, fire, smoke, and mold.  Some of your more delicate items can even become permanently damaged if they are not restored right away.  Our technicians at ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning can provide content cleaning and restoration to restore your damaged items following any type of disaster.  As part of our initial assessment, we will take note of your damaged content and set these items aside for treatment.

If the condition of your property allows, we will complete the cleaning, restoration, and deodorization of your content on-site.  For situations in which the home or building is heavily damaged, we will provide pack-out services to take your items to our facility for cleaning and storage.

Content Pack-Out and Storage


There are certain circumstances following a disaster that make it impractical or even dangerous to do the content restoration on-site.  Typically, if the home or building has sustained severe damage and requires extensive restoration, we take the damaged content to our facility for a proper cleaning.  Our pack-out services consist of the following steps:

  • Our technicians will carefully pack your damaged items and add each item to an electronic inventory. You will be provided with a copy of the inventory to keep track of your items.
  • Your items are transported to our facility where they will be thoroughly cleaned, deodorized, and restored to their original condition.
  • We will store your items in our secure, climate-controlled facility until your home or building has been restored.
  • We will deliver your content right to your door once you are ready to have it back.

Content Restoration: After and Before

Finding your personal items damaged after a disaster is frustrating, but there is a chance that everything can be restored with immediate action.  Our technicians can provide content cleaning and restoration with any of our disaster restoration services and we are prepared to provide pack-out and storage for your content if needed.  Give us a call at (800) 303-5844 if your content has been damaged in a disaster in the Houston, TX area. We work with insurance.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column]