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Mold Removal Services

servicemaster mold restoration
ServiceMaster mold remediation

ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning is a state licensed mold remediation company.  Our staff are trained and registered by the State of Texas to perform safe and effective mold remediation services.  Our licensed managers can work with you to develop an effective and economical plan to remove mold contamination from your business or home.

In 2003, the Texas legislature passed House Bill 329, granting the Texas DSHS regulator power over Mold Testing and Remediation services. This was done to protect consumers from unethical practices and unqualified service providers that had taken advantage of the public concern over the dangers of mold.  Additionally, Licensed Mold Remediation Companies must carefully follow the letter of the mold standards passed by the legislature.

Our State licensed Mold Remediation Contractor manages our employees that are State Registered Mold Workers to ensure that we meet the mold remediation standards and our customers’ mold concerns are properly handled.

ServiceMaster Mold Remediation – Houston, TX
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Mold is caused primarily by organic material getting and staying wet.  We strive to prevent mold contamination in water damage situations through our rapid response, state of the art equipment & procedures and our Certified (IICRC) Water Restoration Technicians.

The Mold Remediation Process:

Mold Remediation
Mold in shower
  • Mold Assessment Consultant (MAC) Develops Protocol
  • Full Inspection and Moisture Assessment
  • Temporary Storage and Inventory for Damaged Contents
  • Removal of Moldy Materials and Contents
  • Air Quality Control and Cleaning
  • Sanitization and Anti-Microbial Application
  • TDHS Licensed MAC “Clearance” of Remediation

As a TDHS Licensed Mold remediation Company we can help safely and effectively remove mold contamination. Call us 24/7 at 800-303-5844!

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