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Mold Removal Services for Spring, TX

ServiceMaster Mold Remediation

Serving Spring, TX area since 1992

Mold is tough to prevent because there is a constant level of mold spores in the air that can trigger mold growth when it meets the right conditions.  The spores only need a moisture source and a food source to form into mold and once it appears, it can spread to cause extensive damage as well as possible health problems from exposure.  ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning provides mold remediation services in Spring, TX to thoroughly remove mold growth and clean up the damage in homes and businesses.  We are licensed and equipped to handle mold remediation in commercial and residential settings and we will form a unique remediation solution based on our thorough assessment.

Mold Remediation in Spring, TXAs a state licensed provider of mold remediation services, ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning adheres to the standards and guidelines of House Bill 329.  This bill was passed by the Texas State Legislature in 2003 to protect homeowners from unethical mold remediation service providers by giving the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) regulatory power.  Our mold remediation technicians are registered and licensed through the State of Texas and we are committed to providing quality mold remediation services according to the standards of House Bill 329.

Any amount of mold growth requires immediate attention because it can easily spread to cause more damage and it will eventually leave the affected surfaces unsalvageable.  Extended exposure to mold also greatly increases the risk of negative health effects such as allergies and respiratory issues.

Our mold remediation services include the following steps:

  • Protocol development with help from the Mold Assessment Consultant (MAC)
  • Full evaluation of the moisture level, mold growth, and damage
  • Restoration of damaged content with content cleaning and pack-out services
  • Removal of affected materials
  • Air cleaning and quality control
  • Anti-microbial application and disinfection
  • TDHA licensed MAC approval of our work

You should never ignore mold growth so if there is a contamination in your home or building in Spring, TX, contact ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning as soon as possible for mold remediation services.  We are licensed through the State of Texas to provide effective mold remediation for homes and businesses.  You can call us 24 hours a day at (800) 303-5844 for mold remediation in Spring, TX.