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Mold Removal and Remediation – Sugar Land, TX

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Mold is a dangerous substance when it appears indoors because it can cause serious damage to homes and buildings and cause adverse health effects.  Mold mostly appears in areas with excess moisture or water damage because moisture is essential for mold to grow and thrive.  Once mold growth appears, it can spread throughout the property and cause major damage to the surfaces affected.  There is also a higher risk of someone experiencing health issues from mold exposure the longer it goes ignored.  Any amount of mold growth needs to be removed before it can spread and cause further damage.

ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning provides mold remediation services to fully remove mold growth from homes and commercial buildings in Sugar Land, TX.  We are properly licensed by the State of Texas to provide professional mold removal and our technicians use advanced techniques and equipment to ensure that the mold is completely removed.

The Texas Department of State Health Services is given the power to regulate vendors that provide mold remediation services by House Bill 329.  This bill was put in place to protect homeowners from being taken advantage of by predatory mold remediation providers with ineffective services.  Mold remediation service providers in Texas must work within the guidelines of House Bill 329 and receive a license from the State of Texas.  At ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning, we have the proper licensing from the State of Texas, and we provide effective mold remediation services that adhere to the standards outlined in House Bill 329.

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Mold growth will not appear unless there is a moisture source, and it feeds on building materials and furnishings that contain organic materials like cellulose.  If given enough time, mold growth will eat away at the affected surfaces which can lead to structural damage.  The risk of experiencing health issues from mold will also increase over time as exposure can cause headaches, skin irritation, breathing problems, coughing, nasal congestion, and itchy eyes and throat.  Those who are exposed for a longer period of time may experience asthma or respiratory infections.

Our professionals will work quickly to find and contain all mold growth to help limit the damage.  Once we have evaluated the extent of the mold growth, we will remove it using advanced techniques and equipment.  We will also take steps to prevent the mold from returning after the remediation.

You can expect the following from our mold remediation services:

  • Development of a mold remediation plan with a Mold Assessment Consultant (MAC) licensed by the State of Texas
  • Evaluation of the extent of the mold growth
  • Removal of permanently damaged materials
  • Anti-microbial applications, cleaning, and disinfection of the affected areas
  • Air quality control
  • Content cleaning and pack-out services for restoring personal items
  • Final inspection and approval from the Mold Assessment Consultant

Mold growth should never be ignored because it will continue to spread and the health effects and damage it causes will only become worse.  You need to contact ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning right away if you find mold in your home or building in Sugar Land, TX.  We are licensed to provide mold removal by the State of Texas and we use advanced equipment and techniques to get the job done.  You can reach us at (800) 303-5844 for mold remediation in Sugar Land, TX.