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Prevent Water Damage

Spring Water Damage Prevention Tips

Spring water damage can be caused by weather, flooding, or built-up moisture. The best way to get around spring water damage is to prevent it. Here are some ways to prevent water from damaging your home this spring.

Appliances Leak

Restoration Services When Your Appliances Leak

If one of your household appliances is leaking, then you need to act promptly to limit the amount of damage done. While the leak may start out as a small problem, the leak, if unaddressed, will continue to drip water and eventually cause it to accumulate. If the leak is severe enough, then your property can become flooded quickly. Continue reading for tips on what to do if your home’s appliances leak.

Mold Removal Services in Kingwood TX

Sewer backups – common causes and diagnoses

A sewer backup is a nasty surprise that nobody enjoys, and it seems to show up at the worst time. There are 3 main culprits that cause most household sewer clogs. It’s important to pay attention to sewage backups. If it happens once, it’s probably just a simple matter that you can handle on your own. But if you experience repeated backups, call a plumber immediately.