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Get Rid of Smoke Smell with These Tips

There are several ways that smoke can get into your home as cooking, candles, cigarettes, house fires, bonfires, and even wildfires are all potential sources. Smoke easily penetrates various surfaces and materials in a home including flooring, walls, clothing and furniture. If there is a strong smoke odor in your home from a fire, cigarettes, or cooking, these tips can help with the smoke odor removal.

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Smoke Damage – Types and Health Hazards

In general, smoke is harmful to human and pet health. Smoke damage, however, can be categorized into four types. Each of these four types of smoke damage is caused by different scenarios, such as the type of fuel burned, location and temperature of the flames.

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Cleaning Smoke Damage: DIY or Call a Professional?

The amount of damage smoke can cause is often overlooked. Even after the fire is out, smoke will continue to harm your property. The longer smoke lingers, the more potential harm it can cause to your home, but also to you, your family, and any inhabitants. Take action …

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How to File Smoke Damage Insurance Claims?

The damage from a fire is complex as it involves damage from the fire itself, water damage from putting out the fire, and smoke damage.  Residual smoke can cause considerable property damage long after the fire, tarnishing surfaces and objects and getting absorbed into porous materials.  It is important for a trained restoration professional to handle smoke damage cleanup and save your items from permanent damage.