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Damage Caused by Lightning and Storms

Did you know lightning strikes the United States at least 30 million times each year? Due to the severity and frequency of storms, they can cause irreversible fire damage. Many of these storms are also associated with tornadoes and hail.

Tornado and Hurricane Damage Repair for Houston, TX

Technology and Gadgets to Keep You Safe during a Storm

Storms are powerful natural forces. Hurricanes are the strongest type of storms on earth. Yet, even less intimidating storms can cause severe structural damage and threaten individuals’ safety. When massive storms hit, these ten useful gadgets and technology tips will help preserve safety.

National Weather Service Map

Types of Weather Alerts and What to Do

Severe weather can take the form of powerful winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, thunderstorms and many other natural events. People are encouraged to become familiar with the various types of weather alerts that refer to conditions that are likely to occur in their vicinity. Common types of weather alerts include the following…

storm damage

Storm Wind Damage – What to Do

The immediate aftermath of a major storm can be a chaotic, emotional time as you take stock of the damage to your home or business and its contents. There may be fire, water, and wind damage all at once and every minute you hesitate means a greater chance of permanent damage. Follow these action steps to take control of the situation and limit the devastation.

storm damage

Hurricane Safety Tips – Videos

If you live in an area where strong storms happen, it’s important to make sure your home is secured and protected. Watch the video and follow these hurricane safety tips provided by ServiceMaster Restore