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Ceiling Water Damage – Common Causes and Repair

If there is a stain on your ceiling, there is a good chance that this stain is a water stain caused by a leak. Address the issue that caused the leak and resulted in the stain, or you could end up with a much bigger problem. This guide explains the most common causes of water leaks that lead to water stains on the ceiling, how to find and stop the leak, and how to remove the stain from your ceiling.

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Preparing for Water Damage Restoration

Damage to property due to floods and excess water can interrupt businesses, resulting in the loss of sales and customers. This blog will help you understand what to expect during the water damage restoration process and get back to business fast.

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Roof Leaks and Mold

Any sign of a roof leak requires immediate attention. Without prompt water damage restoration, mold growth starts in as fast as 48 hours. Look for those causes and signs of roof leaks.