Technology and Gadgets to Keep You Safe during a Storm

Tornado and Hurricane Damage Repair for Houston, TX

Storms are powerful natural forces. Hurricanes are the strongest type of storms on earth. Yet, even less intimidating storms can cause severe structural damage and threaten individuals’ safety. When massive storms hit, these ten useful technology and gadgets will help preserve safety.


What is the anatomy of a storm?

Storm-Damage-Repair-in-Houston-TXWarm, moist air that rises into cold air activates a phenomenon known as thunderstorms. Intense rainfall, thunder, wind, hail, and lightning can occur alongside thunderstorms. These dramatic events are so common that two thousand thunderstorms occur around the world at any given moment.


What are the dangers during a storm?

Lightning can cause power surges when it strikes nearby electric poles. Household appliances are unable to manage the sudden surge of electricity. Televisions, water heaters and computers can become damaged during a storm; or, the lifespan of electronics could diminish.

Due to these reasons, it is advised that homeowners unplug electronics when anticipating a storm. Touching an electrical cord when lightning strikes can lead to electrocution. Remember that lightning strikes contain 15 million volts of electricity—which is adequate to power a small town!


1. Smartphones

Call for helpThe smartphone itself is a lifeline during a storm. When fully charged before an anticipated storm, apps can track the severe weather. When the power goes out, preserve the phone’s battery by closing unused apps, turning on power-saving mode and dimming the phone’s brightness.


2. Smartphone Apps

Apps on smartphones are the primary technology homeowners can use to receive updates during a storm. Storm alerts notify residents of an oncoming storm, too. Individuals who anticipate a storm can take additional steps to protect themselves, their family, and their property.

Recommended apps include those from the Weather Channel, which are free and provide real-time weather updates, tracking and alerts. The apps may be downloaded on both iOS and Android smartphones and serve to help homeowners ride through the severe weather.


3. Whole House Surge Protector

A whole house surge protector is a practical investment that will protect the home from lightning strikes. The property remains safeguarded, as the surge protector redirects excess current from the lightning to the ground. Surge protectors fit snugly inside a breaker box.

Whole house surge protectors provide double protection. When the house is empty during a storm, such as when homeowners are on vacation or out running errands, the surge protector reduces the risk of lightning causing an electrical fire. Plus, high-end appliances remain protected.


4. Water Purifier

Drinkable water is a concern in disaster-stricken areas, which makes investing in a water purifier a lifesaving move. Water purifiers can pump 2.5 liters of water every minute, while filtering out bacteria, viruses, and waterborne pathogens. Although these gadgets are expensive, their lifespans extend well beyond one storm.


5. Power Generator

power generatorPower could go out during a storm. Homeowners have the choice to either wait for the utility company to restore power; or, they can switch on a generator they purchased beforehand. Generators will charge phones, laptops, tablets, and even small televisions.


6. Weather Alert Radio

When a storm hits, cellular networks could go down, making news updates hard to come by. An emergency radio, however, can be charged via a hand crank or integrated solar panels and deliver the latest news. A typical weather alert radio can last up to 32 hours with normal use.


7. Mini Lighthouse

Reduce fumbling in the dark by purchasing a mini lighthouse. Remember that the flashlights on smartphones will eventually go out when the battery dies. Lumen lanterns provide a steady glow for up to 500 hours without recharging. Some come equipped with a USB outlet to charge a mobile device.


8. Water-Resistant Flashlight

While lanterns designed for camping are useful at the height of storm, an accessible alternative is a water-resistant LED flashlight. Choose a flashlight that floats in water and is compact. LED flashlights also boast the most powerful beams and the longest battery life.


9. Compact Car Jump Starter

When homeowners are caught in a storm while out and about, the car battery can die. A car jump starter and portable charger will restart dead car batteries. Certain portable chargers are compact enough to store in the vehicle’s glove compartment and come in handy in adverse weather.


10. Camp Stove

Storms can cause prolonged power outages. When equipped with a camp stove that will cook food and boil water, homeowners are prepared for a long-lasting power outage. Camp stoves built with an electrical outlet charge phones, tablets, and similar USB devices while homeowners cook up a storm.


These gadgets will serve little purpose if they become water damaged during a storm. Keep devices dry by sealing them in plastic bags, especially when evacuating the home. If flooding is expected, place sensitive electronics in an ice chest or move them to the uppermost level of the home.


Storm Damage Help

Storms can cause severe structural damage to homes and businesses. Every storm will eventually die down, at which point property owners facing storm damage are urged to consult a local and reputable storm damage restoration company, like ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning.

Winds and floods accompany many area storms. High winds can blow away siding and damage windows and rooftops. Flooding will ruin porous materials, like wood, and cause structural damage. Fortunately, our experienced storm damage technicians are equipped to return your property to its pre-loss state.

hurricane damage repair

HEB hurricane damage restoration

ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning provides full flood damage cleanup. Our specialists extract all excess moisture and thoroughly dry the premises. We stabilize properties where the roof or siding are torn off. In addition to boarding and tarping, we clean debris and perform structural repairs.

When you are confronted with storm damage, call ServiceMaster Restoration & Cleaning for prompt restoration services. Our technicians stand by 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to respond to emergency storm damage events. We proudly serve residential homes and businesses in Houston, Texas.