ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning Featured in LocalMeA

Brad and Linda Hollibaugh

At ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning, we are dedicated to providing the best possible disaster restoration services to help local homes and businesses in the Houston, TX area recover from a disaster.  We are ready to help homeowners put their lives back together in the aftermath, and as a ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) center, we are also equipped to help local businesses that have experienced large losses.

Recently, ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning was featured in LocalMeA, a website that highlights the best of local businesses in the Houston, TX area.  We are a family owned local business and our owners Brad and Linda Hollibaugh not only operate ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning, but also act as the regional managing director for ServiceMaster Recovery Management.

“ServiceMaster Restore deals with broken pipes, toilet overflows, a kitchen fire, or mold in their house,” Hollibaugh explains.  “On the SRM, or commercial side, buildings have the same issues that houses do but on a much larger scale – sprinkler heads pop and flood the building, they have small electrical fires that turn into problems, they have broken pipes, and mold.”


Our team has certainly been busy in the last year helping with large losses from major storms.  Brad and some of our crew were in the Carolinas to help homes and businesses affected by Hurricane Florence and we also helped the Houston, Kingwood, and Humble area recover after Hurricane Harvey.

“It’s busy 365 days of the year, but it’s really busy when we have what we call a catastrophe, or cat, or mini-cat,” according to Hollibaugh.  “A mini-cat would be something like flooding in Baton Rouge or a tornado going through some place like Oklahoma or Missouri.”

About Brad Hollibaugh

Brad Hollibaugh

Brad Hollibaugh, a long-time resident of Kingwood, TX, has been working for ServiceMaster for more than 35 years.  He started out in the healthcare division of ServiceMaster in environmental services and in 1992, he bought a ServiceMaster franchise based out of Houston.  He soon owned and operated eight ServiceMaster franchises across the state of Texas, including San Antonio and Austin in addition to Houston.

Brad became the regional managing director for ServiceMaster Recovery Management in 2010 and he sold his ServiceMaster franchises except for the Houston franchise.  His SRM office is responsible for providing disaster response and commercial clean-up across most of the southern U.S.

“Now I operate a large ServiceMaster franchise here, but also run the SRM brand that covers Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi,” says Hollibaugh about his SRM position.  “So I have commercial responsibility for national and regional accounts, then also supporting the ServiceMaster Restore franchises in those areas.”

Brad and the rest of our team are happy to help those who are dealing with extensive damage in their homes and businesses.  Our technicians know that they have made a difference whether they are helping a homeowner with a flooded basement, or businesses that have experienced large-scale damage from a major storm.

“You get to learn their stories and it’s a nice thing to be able to help people who are otherwise helpless,” says Brad.  “Most of our guys come out of those situations with big smiles because they see that they shined a light at the end of the tunnel for people that are in dismal situations.  I really enjoy that.”

Contact ServiceMaster Restoration and Cleaning at (800) 303-5844 if you need disaster restoration services for your home or business in the Houston, TX area.